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Deep Creek Wall Water Feature

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  • Dimensions: 91" W x 69" H  x 6' D
  • Slate Weight: 720 lbs./Shipping Weight: 1025 lbs.
  • Marble Weight: 720 lbs./Shipping Weight: 1025 lbs. 
  • Travertine Weight: 720 lbs./Shipping Weight: 1025 lbs. 
  • Mirror Weight: 345 lbs./Shipping Weight: 575 lbs. 
  • FeatherStone Weight: 255 lbs./Shipping Weight: 485 lbs.
  • Chavo, Piano, Grindio, Fantasia, Magnifico Travertine & Blue and Red Patagonia Granite Weight: 775 lbs. / Shipping Weight: 1100 lbs.
  • Simple on/off switch controls both the lights and the waterfall.
  • The welded plastic liner is double tested and prevents against leakage.
  • A uniquely designed water distribution unit system won’t clog, thus giving you even water flow for your waterfall.
  • Only one cord plugs into the wall and is easily concealed behind the water fountain with a 90 degree plug.
  • Durable powder coat finish on all of our painted metal trim.
  • Fully contained   
  • Recirculating electric pump
  • EZ installation bracket
  • Down lights (9 lights)
  • Multi-color pebbles
  • Pebble beach splash guard tray
  • Water tight tray liner
  • Installation and maintenance video on DVD
  • 3 way pull chain
  • Dimmer

The Deep Creek Falls wall water fountain is both physically mesmerizing and aesthetically unrivaled. The set of three sleek, precise water fountain sheets can be finished with your choice of any of our personalized material options including mirrored glass, lightweight slate, marble, and more. The stainless steel frame is fabricated with longevity in mind and can be powder coated with your color choice from our wall fountain frame finish options; allowing you total control over the look and feel of this truly one of a kind wall water feature. The Deep Creek Falls is one of our largest hanging fountains and will captivate the attention of your guests and clients.