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The Tranquil River Granite Floor Fountain

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  • Dimensions: 41”W x 90”H x 14”D
  • Clear, Green, & Blue Glass Weight: 190 lbs./Shipping Weight: 300 lbs.
  • Silver & Bronze Mirror Weight: 200 lbs./Shipping Weight: 300 lbs.
  • Multi-color, Green, & Black Featherstone Weight: 175 lbs. / Shipping Weight: 275 lbs.
  • Marble Weight: 325 lbs. / Shipping Weight: 475 lbs.
  • Granite & Travertine Weight: 325 lbs. / Shipping Weight: 480 lbs.
  • Simple set-up
  • Includes remote that controls the lights and water from anywhere in the room
  • The welded plastic liner is double tested and prevents against leakage
  • A uniquely designed water distribution unit system won’t clog, thus giving you even water flow
  • Only one cord plugs into the wall and can come out of either the right or left bottom corner of the tray
  • Durable powder coat finish on all of our painted metal trim
  • Fully contained
  • Recirculating Electric Pump
  • Informational DVD
  • On/Off: Remote Control
  • Down lights (3 lights)
  • Multi-Color Pebbles
  • 12 Month Limited Warranty
  • Water Distribution System
  • Pebble Beach Splash Guard Tray


Inspire an instant impression with the Tranquil River Granite Floor Fountain, manufactured to impress even the most difficult to please customers. This decorative, standing water feature is stunning and durable and can be placed either inside or outdoor use. The base of the freestanding waterfall acts as the reservoir and can even be placed in your backyard to create an balanced, in ground look. In addition to the already elegant design, the top-down LED lighting system allows you to select and choose from 15 pre-programmed light settings. The Tranquil River Mirrored Granite Floor Fountain - Rear Mounted fills the existing environment with the gentle and soothing sound of water gently flowing onto the polished river rocks which adorn the reservoir.