Is A Custom Water Wall The Ideal Choice For Your Project?

Discover the possibilities you have when choosing an indoor custom water fountain. 

Custom Water Fountain Options From EIP

At EIP, we get calls almost daily from who would like to invest in one of our custom water features for their current project or space. In many cases, we provide our clients with more suitable standard, in stock water walls that not only save them a vast amount of capital, but also the additional costs of installation, shipping, and continuing maintenance. In some cases, however we are unable to meet the specific needs, material requirements, or sizing options that they currently have and the only option is to custom build a fountain for them. Our expert team of builders have been engineering indoor and outdoor water features for over three decades and we still have yet to find a project that we cannot only deliver upon in a way that exceeds even our most ardent clients desires. 


If you are currently working on a project that involve the installation of a water wall we suggest you contact one of our team members to discuss the possibilities and explore you options. Call us now at : (737) 231-1481 to learn more.