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Inspired By Nature, Hand Crafted By Artisans

At Earth Inspired Products, we believe the most inspirational designs reflect the perfect simplicity and balance found in the natural world. All of our indoor and outdoor water fountains are hand crafted by the most trusted builders in the world using only the finest organic materials. Our engineers have decades of experience creating and delivering the most beautiful wall mounted fountains, freestanding water walls, and custom water features the world has ever seen. Whether you are an interior designer working on a multi-million dollar renovation or an individual home owner looking to add some spice to your favorite room our team is ready to help you find the perfect indoor fountain for your project. Browse our water feature collections below...

Why Choose Earth Inspired Products?

Select From Over 200 Fountain Waterfall Varieties
Bring all the beautiful wonders of nature indoors, with our huge selection of interior wall fountains. There are so many wonderful advantages to installing an indoor wall water feature in you home or office, from lowering sound pollution to creating and releasing negative ions. At EIP we are here to help you find the perfect water fountain at an unbeatable price and we look forward to working with you.

Our Indoor Fountains Are Made From The Highest Quality Materials Available
Our selection of water wall products are made from the highest quality materials, by the most respected names in the business. We offer the finest copper and steel frame constructions complemented with a stone or rock face water wall panel that is built to last. Our engineers hand pick the best cuts of slate, granite and marble to ensure that the each fountain is uniquely gorgeous.

High End Luxury Water Feature Selection
Adding a new interior hanging wall fountain to your office will create an environment alive with life and sound. Your hanging fountain will dazzle your clients and makes a strong statement of luxury, distinction, and excellence. Customize your interior water feature with a company name or logo and make your water wall  an exciting focal point for any lobby or office space. A wall fountain with a logo is an excellent choice for any business owner. 

Visual Display of Artistic Interior Water Walls
Installing an indoor floor fountain will transform any quiet room into a brilliant oasis of running water. The gently flowing water will fill the room with the beautiful sound and graceful motion of natural perfection. Your guests will envy and admire your indoor waterfall as a masterpiece of sight and sound. This work of art is unlike any other, it literally brings the art into life. Make a unique change to your room and add a wall or floor water fountain to your home today.

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Since 1996 Earth Inspired Products has proudly distributed high quality, handcrafted American made water fountains that deliver peace and nature into thousands of homes and businesses. Whether you order an indoor wall mounted water feature or an interior free standing water wall be assured that every aspect of the engineering process is accomplished with the utmost care and concern. We are respected as the premier builder of custom water features and fountains and our team consists of only the finest designers and artisans. Our water features are unsurpassed  in quality and our professionalism and customer service is a result of our passion for delivering high quality water fountains. We will stop at nothing to guarantee your experience is as exceptional as possible.