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Ebony Black Corian Water Wall

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Combining the beauty of a waterwall and the visual media of an LCD Panel Monitor (HDTV)! Simply Brilliant! Perfect Water Feature for Any Business!!!

The Perfect Waterfeature for your health or medical facility and now its Proven! Not only is this fountain of the highest engineering & beauty, it creates a healthier environment! Treated with Saniguard®, the only antimicrobial treatment that meets the National Sanitation Foundation stringent requirements for antimicrobial efficacy. It attracts & kills airborne pathogens, filters and traps dirt & dust paticles from the air while inhibiting fungus,
mold and virus cell production. Saniguard is a sodium activated silver compound which disallows microbial growth on treated surfaces. When combined with the use of ultraviolet sterilization it creates a highly effective system that protects against microbial growth in the water feature.

Kloppenberg, one of the nation's leading manufacturers of laboratory and medical specialties has just concluded studies in cooperation with Dr. Mark Hernandez, PhD, PE, Principal Investigator, to identify the impact that a water feature has on its environment. The studies were preformed at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Level 3 Lab in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering. In a study conducted on these fountains at various times over a 30-day period, results showed that a 3x7 foot water features cleans the air as
well as a 425 cfm HEPA Air Cleaner with less noise and maintenance. Highest Quality Engineering, Low Maintenance and Creates Healthy Environment!

Study Results:
Air Report
Water Report
Saniguard CHG Press Release

Reservoir: 12"h x 45"w x 14"d
Frame & Tank: Stainless Steel T-304 w/ Black Powdercoat
Face: Ebony Black Corian w/ Horizontal Ridges
Weight: 7ft: 225lbs
Warranty: 1 year pump, 25 year materials & workmanship (tank & tower)...Best in Industry!

~ Water flow control valve
~ Built in leveling system
~ Non-corrosive plumbing fittings
~ 32" LCD/7x3 42" LCD/8x4 HDTV
~ There is a bracket for Media Player (Player not Included)
~ PathoBan AG254 Antimicrobial Cleaning System™: Eliminates bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.
~ Treated with Saniguard®: A patented inorganic, anti-microbial coating that inhibits mold, fungus and virus cell reproduction.
~ Reverse Osmosis System with Auto Fill System: The RO System consists of two chlorine filters and one membrane filter which remove almost all chlorine, calcium and other minerals in water which cause spotting on face materials. The RO system must be remotely mounted outside the fountain and requires hookup to a customer supplied waterline. ** 1/4" incoming water line and 1.5" or greater drain pipe or commercial floor sink required.
~ Submersible Ultra Violet Light (UV) - Eliminates bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms (1 year warranty)
~ Logos - A logo Proof will be provided for your acceptance

Download Info:
Isometric plumbing schematic
7 x 3 Cut Sheet
Installation instructions
Leveling system detail


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Fountain Specifications
Dimension(wxh) panel: 3 x 7
Weight 225 lbs
Warranty 1 year pump, 25 years materials & workmanship (tower & tank)

Overall Size:
3 x 7/45"x84"x14"

3x7: $5,995

Auto-fill system: $250
Reverse Osmosis: $750
UV-Lighting: $650
Vinyl logo: $350
Etched logo: $500
3 light kit: $250
Frosted Glass: $300

Eliminate Gaps: $400
Make Rear Mounted: $400
Reduce Height: $300

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