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Wall Fountains can add a very organic and natural feeling to your home or office. The natural sounds of trickling water down a fountain waterfall can create a soothing habitat to live or work in. EIP is your source for the worlds finest indoor wall waterfalls and custom wall fountains. Our dazzling collection of wall fountains will enthuse and impress anyone who sees it in your home or office. Fountain Waterfalls add peace and serenity to any room and increases peacefulness. Indoor slate, copper, steel and acrylic indoor wall fountains can be customized to your own personal touch. You can even add an etched logo custom into your wall waterfall.

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Wall hanging wall fountain

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Select From Over 200 Fountain Waterfall Varieties
Bring all the beautiful wonders of a waterfall indoors, with our great selection of interior wall fountains. There are so many beneficial advantages to having an indoor wall waterfall in you home or office. Here at we now you will find the perfect waterfall and an unbeatable price.

Our Indoor Wall Waterfalls Are From The Highest Quality Copper, Materials
Our selection of waterfall products are made from the highest quality materials, by the most respected names in the business. We offer the finest copper and steel frame construction with a stone or rock face waterfall built to last. The high quality slate rock from India and the solid hand carved granite stone slabs both with a level of brilliance unique to its own.

High End Luxury Waterfall Fountain Selection
With your new interior hanging wall fountain your office is now alive with life and sound. Your waterfall will dazzle clients and makes a strong statement of luxury, distinction, and excellence. Customize a company name or logo and make your waterfall an exciting focal point for any lobby or office space.

Visual Display of Artistic Interior Water Features
Having an indoor wall waterfall will transform any quiet room into a brilliant oasis of running water. The waterfall will fill the room with the beautiful sound and graceful motion of continuously flowing water. Your guests will envy and admire your indoor waterfall as a masterpiece of sight and sound. This work of art is unlike any other, it brings the art to life. You do not get that with a normal art painting or sculptures. Make a unique change to your room and add an indoor wall water fountain today.

Top Selling Wall Fountains
1. Inspiration Falls
2. Sunrise Springs
3. Whispering Creek
4. Cascade Springs
5. Cottonwood Falls
6. Deep Creek Falls
7. Majestic River

Indoor Water Features
Waterfall Grande!
8 or 10ft!
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gardenfall bamboo Gardenfall SlateTech Floor Water Fountain
90 x 32
Waterwall Center-Mounted Floor Water Fountain
$4450 - $13,750
8ft to 10ft!
2,3,4,5 & 6ft. wide!
several color & face choices

EIP Wall Fountain Company

Water Walls and Wall Waterfalls SInce 1999

Whether its an indoor wall fountain, wall mounted fountains, interior water features...floor fountains big or small, Custom water features, Commercial water inspired products is here to provide the expertise and service to make your fountain choice a joy...peace of mind.

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EIP Fountains & Watefalls is a family-owned supplier of wall water fountains, hanging wall fountains, and water feature fountains. Currently in our 7 th year of operation, we own and occupy a 50,000+ square-foot warehouse complete with workshops and a state-of-the-art finishing booth. Our staff works diligently to provide you with the best possible service and water features.
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